Le guide de l'écovolontaire disponible en version anglaise !


The ecovolonteer's handbook is now avalaible in English !

Birdwatchers on the Organbidexka pass

Birdwatchers on the Organbidexka pass © S. Barande

The former Aquitaine region offers an exceptional opportunity for birdwatching, especially during migratory movements over breeding and wintering areas. There are hundreds of thousands of birds seen in some sites. 

The LPO Aquitaine raises awareness of the bird migration phenomenon among the younger and older generation and offers everyone the opportunity to get involved in this enriching experience by becoming an ecovolunteer. Every year, many volunteers come to witness this wonderful spectacle.

Three missions are at the heart of the ecovolunteer programme :

  • Tracking and identifying migratory birds (ornithological skills are not required, you will receive training on site),
  • Integrating survey results into the database,
  • Raising public awareness about bird migration. 

Whether you find yourself on the Organbidexka pass or on the Pointe du Cap Ferret, we will provide you with a tailor-made training course alongside experienced birdwatchers in the field !

You will find all the information you need on the different study sites, the programme’s overall process and how to register in the ecovolunteer’s handbook (available for download below).

The study of bird migration on the Organbidexka pass started on the 15th of July. Join our team !

Follow the study of bird migration on Facebook. 

Documents à télécharger

Ecovolonteer’s Handbook
Discover and learn about the different bird migration study sites as well as how to become an ecovolunteer !
PDF - 8 MB