LPO in English

LPO in English

Founded in 1912, LPO is today the largest French nature conservation NGO with more than 70 000 active members, 650 staff and 35 local chapters. Our main goals are to support biodiversity and sustainable development through wildlife conservation projects, scientific studies, citizen mobilisation and awareness, meaningful partnerships and public advocacy.

LPO is governed by a Board of Directors elected by the members, chaired since 1986 by Allain Bougrain Dubourg, and currently managed by the General Director. LPO was recognized as an organization of public utility in 1986. As such, it is entitled to receive gifts, donations and bequests. 

It consists of a national association (LPO France), and of local associations, which are independent legal entities, legally and financially autonomous, that represent the LPO in the respective geographical areas (region, department).

Since 1995, the LPO has been the official representative in France of BirdLife International, which, with more than 120 national associations united around common goals and values, is today the most important world alliance of NGOs acting for the protection of nature.

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